Shawn Rubel

  • 8
    Ocean Beach
  • 9
    California Cove
  • 10
    Walking Across The Golden Gate Bridge
  • 12
    Sunset Over Golden Gate Bridge
  • 6
    Turquoise Waves on a California Beach
  • 5
    Waves Crashing on Beach with Rocks
  • Fish3
    Goldfish in a Wine Glass
  • Filmscratches
    Old Vintage Film Scratches
  • Fireworks_stock_video_2
    Fireworks Stock Video in HD (2)
  • Nyc-subway
    New York City Subway Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-skyline
    New York City Skyline Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-liberty
    Statue of Liberty Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-birdseye
    New York City Stock Video in HD Bird's Eye View
  • Nyc-30rock
    New York City Stock Video in HD
  • Hawaii-ocean
    Hawaii Beach and Ocean Stock Video in HD
  • France-iffel
    Eiffel Tower Stock Video in HD
  • France-arc
    Arc de Triumph Stock Video in HD
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Stock Video in HD
  • Cali-lugunahotel
    Beach Hotel Stock Video in HD
  • Water-running
    Free Running Water Stock Video in HD
  • Water_dripping
    Water Dripping Stock Video in HD
  • Typing2
    HD Typing Stock Video Two
  • Typing1
    HD Typing Stock Video
  • Http-youtube
    Free Youtube Url Address Stock Video Clip in HD
  • Http-yahoo
    Free Yahoo Url Website Address Stock Video
  • Http-techcrunch
    TechCrunch Url Stock Video in HD
  • Http-quora
    Free Quora Url Website Address Stock Video in HD
  • Http-mashable
    Free Mashable Url Address Stock Video Clip
  • Http-google
    Free Google Url Website Address Stock Video in HD
  • Http-facebook
    Free Facebook URL Address Stock Video in HD
  • Http-bing
    Bing URL Address Stock Video
  • Guitar-wide
    Acoustic Guitar Player in Studio
  • Guitar-close
    Acoustic Guitar Player
  • 1930s_los_angeles_long_beach_floods
    Free HD Archive Footage circa 1938-39 of Los Angeles/Long Beach Floods
  • Pensacola-beach-at-golden-hour
    Pensacola beach at golden hour
  • Rainy-road-4k-living-background
    Rainy Road 4K Living Background
  • 4k-minimal-clean-lower-third-video
    4K Minimal Clean Lower Third After Effects Template
  • Wku_flyover
    University Campus Drone Footage
  • Snow_flyover
    Free HD Aerial Footage of Snowy Suburban Neighborhood
  • Couple_in_field_no_filter
    Couple Walking Through Grass Field
  • 42
    Silhouette of construction workers and a blue sky stock video
  • Mvi_1208
    Free Dark Spooky Redwood Forest
  • Rambla_belen_almeria
    Spanish City Street HD Stock Video
  • Bee_is_collecting_honey
    Bee is Collecting Pollen HD Stock Video
  • Basel_wettstein_bridge
    Bridge and Ferris Wheel
  • Mvi_0205_cut
    Longboarding Panorama Bikeway
  • 00010
    Straw Bales at a French Farm Stock Video
  • Hollywood_dolby_theatre_night
    Hollywood Dolby Theatre Night
  • Mvi_1268
    Daybreak at Bay
  • Mvi_1272
    Dawn at Bay
  • Mvi_1482
    Boating at Sunset
  • Metro
  • Weird_looking_tree
    Weird looking tree
  • Canoetour
    Family Canoe Tour
  • Doormist
    Fog Entering from Under Door
  • Xplosion
  • Timelapse
    Sunset nature Time Lapse
  • Ve_003
    White Flower Dark Green Background
  • Ve_002
    Beach Rocks & Clear Blue Ocean
  • Sequence_01
    Soft Ocean Waves
  • Filmscratches
    Old Vintage Film Scratches
  • Great_208_20mm_20vintage_20look_20overlay_20effect_2001_20-_20free_20footage_20-_20full_20hd_201080p_20_saveyoutube.com_
    8 mm vintage look
  • Sunset
  • 747_landing
    Virgin Atlantic 747 Airplane Landing in Las Vegas
  • Bokeh_blue2_720
    Blue Bokeh Loop
  • Questions_slide_center3
    Tim Burton buildings background loop
  • Time_5
    Luna Time
  • Recordbackgroundfinal
    Vinyl Record Loopable Background
  • Cameralens
    Camera Lens Servo
  • Bokeh2
    Free Bokeh Light Beams HD Video Clip
  • Bokeh1
    Free HD Bokeh Worship Loop
  • Bokeh_background
    Free HD Bokeh Background Video Clip
  • Free_urban_grunge_background
    Free Urban Grunge HD Background Video
  • Grey_203d_20flourish_20background_20loop_20hd_20_saveyoutube.com_
    3D Flourish background loop (HD)
  • Fireworks_stock_video_2
    Fireworks Stock Video in HD (2)
  • Coloring
    Child Coloring HD Video Clip
  • Frontier
    Free Stadium and Clouds Time Lapse Stock Video in HD
  • Cemetaryflag
    Cemetary Flag Stock Video in HD
  • Fallcemetary
    HD Fall Cemetery Stock Video
  • Freesmokeyoutube
    Free Smoke Stock Video in HD
  • Candlestock1720p
    Free Candle Stock Video
  • City_at_night__saveyoutube.com_
    City At Night
  • Screen
    Screen Stock Video High Definition