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HD Fall Cemetery Stock Video

There are beautiful colorful leaves in this fall cemetery stock video. Filmed in high def, this fall cemetery stock video captures the moving shadows of the trees overhead and focuses on the old headstones. Please visit my blog to see all of my stock video offered for free use. To preview all of my clips, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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HD Fall Cemetery Stock Video

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  1. Kj

    Thanks! I actually have some cemetery footage in the Art/Culture section because it features a flag in it. You might be interested in that as well. The clip consists of 3 different shots:

  2. Beyou

    I absolutely love this shot. I am someone who visits cemeteries quite often. There is so much that you can learn from visiting burial grounds. How old it is; what was the predominant religion of the area, etc.

    I like to stroll through cemeteries and marvel at the beauty and mystique of old tombstones. You have done just that in this clip. I only wish it were longer