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Old Vintage Film Scratches

Here is a handy little clip I hope you all can use. Overlay this on your video to give it that "vintage" look. You'll have to loop it if you need a lot of it, but this should be plenty. If you use this, please post a link in the comments. I love to see what you guys create with this!

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Old Vintage Film Scratches

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    I used this film effect on my rc model jet video and it looks great. Was going for the vintage training film look. https://youtu.be/GazWWXTSpF0

  2. Missing

    Thank you for the contribution. I've given a credit on my page for using this video. Do check out my vid here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=v5PxvpcqHkA&video_referrer=watch

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    Thank you!


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    Thanks It was perfect for our Halloween Video/Card! https://vimeo.com/140975133

  5. Just what I needed thanks!

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    hi, thx for this cool overlay.
    i used it in one of my videos.

  7. Shawnrubel

    Download works for me. Maybe try a different browser?

  8. Missing

    cannot download :(

  9. Third_logo

    Hey Shawn, thanks for the free footage! I used it and matted it with my own footage to create a really old film reel effect for my latest YouTube video about the National Museum of the United States Air Force! Check it out here: http://youtu.be/9Wjdh7kI_LA (I use the effect about 20s into the clip)

    Thanks again!


  10. Missing


  11. Beyou

    Shawn, can I upload up some more clips?

  12. Shawnrubel

    Sorry about that psommai! It's a bug. Fixing it soon.

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    cant download. too bad