Nothing Typical

Feel free to use the clips as often as you want. Just send me an email and let me know which clip you're using, and a link to the completed project at [email protected]

  • Even_faster_clouds
    Fast clouds pass by
  • Lagarto_watching_me
    Lizard watching me instead of the many insects around him
  • Mother_and_child_at_the_beach
    Mother and child at the beach
  • 00009
    Rowers get ready to ride the ocean waves
  • Colors_of_florida
    Colors of Florida 1
  • Pajaros_en_la_playa
    Birds pecking at the beach
  • Flowers_through_the_fence_holes
    Flowers through the fence holes
  • Red_flower
    Up against the fence
  • Greenbird
    Green Bird on bench
  • Bees_on_purple_flowers
    Bees on purple flowers
  • Aunt_20hill
    Ant Hill
  • Fl_acquarium_time_lapse
    FL Acquarium - time lapse
  • Sailing_under_bridge
  • The_thing_i_fear_most_in_life_1
    Un lagarto
  • Young_egret
    A young Egret watching me
  • The_colors_of_florida_1
    Colors of Florida 2
  • Birds_of_a_feather
    Birds of a feather
  • Secret_lk_pk__casselb_(9)
    Bike rider
  • Spooky_clouds_2
    Black and White footage - SPOOKY Clouds 2
  • Clouds_black_and_white
    Black and White footage - Clouds, the calm before the storm
  • 2_black_birds_by_the_water
    Black and White footage - Birds Stock Video
  • Statue_down_town_orl
    Statue Stock Video
  • Orl_to_tampa__one_minute
    Orlando to Tampa, in a minute & 18 seconds
  • Tampa_skyline
    Tampa Skyline Stock Video Clip
  • Father_teaching_daughter_to_feed_the_animals
    Father and Daughter Feeding the Animals
  • Waiting_for_train_to_pass
    Waiting for a train to pass is the most boring thing about traffic
  • Another_sailboat
    Another Sailboat on the Water Video
  • Driving_in_heavy_fog
    driving in heavy fog
  • Ducks_eating
    Feeding the Ducks Video
  • Blue_moon
    Blue Moon Stock Video
  • Boat
    Sailboat on the Water Stock Video
  • Testing_the_train_
    Waiting for Train to Pass Stock Video Clip
  • Large_cumulus_clouds
    Large Cumulus Clouds Video
  • 1_water_lillies
    Water Lilies - and I think an alligator checking me out.
  • Blue_20hibiscus_20purple_20haze
    Blue Hibiscus Purple Haze Stock Video
  • Artist_brushes
    Artist Brushes Stock Video
  • Brown_ducks_playing_tag
    Brown Ducks Playing Tag HD Stock Video
  • White_stork_with_long_orange_beak
    White Stork with Long Orange Beak
  • 2_birds_dancing
    2 Birds Dancing in Mid Air Stock Video
  • Butterfly_close_up
    Close Up Butterfly HD Stock Video
  • 1_butterfly
    Butterfly HD Stock Video
  • Weird_looking_tree
    Weird looking tree
  • Trees-in-the-wind
    Trees in the wind
  • Snow_flyover
    Free HD Aerial Footage of Snowy Suburban Neighborhood
  • Kneading_bread
    Rolling Bread Dough Stock Video
  • Wine_shop
    Bottles of Wine Stock Video
  • 64
    Workers and a sunrise 4K stock video
  • Cameliian
    Chameleon on Branch 4K
  • Clip_10
    Purple flower
  • Seagull
    Seagull Standing on the Beach 4K
  • Ocean_waves_free_stock_footage
    Ocean Waves Free Stock Footage
  • Statue_of_liberty_free_footage
    Statue of Liberty Free Footage
  • Tourists_camping_at_night_free_hd_video
    Tourists Camping at Night Free HD Video
  • Sunny_forest_glade
    Sunny Forest Glade HD Stock Footage
  • Greenhouse_flowers
    Greenhouse Flowers Free HD Stock Video
  • Full_moon_on_cloudy_sky
    Full Moon on a Cloudy Sky Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Pigeon_closeup
    Pigeon Close-up Free Stock Footage
  • Breaking_wave_closeup
    Breaking Wave Close-up HD Stock Footage
  • Buttercup_meadow
    Buttercup Meadow HD Stock Video
  • Old_building_time_lapse
    Old Building Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • Graffiti_art_on_building
    Graffiti Art on Building HD Stock Video
  • Bc9746a24516b39f13f382636791f6081722702__95218
    Myself?? Art and Culture Stock Video
  • Pouring_rain_slow_motion
    Pouring Rain in Slow Motion Free Footage
  • Cigarrolling
    Rollin', rollin', rollin... Rawhide!
  • Bakeryvideo
    Making Bread - Bakery
  • Offtowork
    Off to Work Sail Boat Stock Video
  • 001migrantfarmworkers
    Migrant Farm Workers Stock Video
  • 01dinernoises
    Inside Diner Stock Video Noises - Black and White Footage
  • Bee
    Bumble Bee Stock Video - dies of pollen overdose
  • 01_birds_over_ocean
    Birds Flying Over Ocean Stock Video
  • 00042
    Lighting Storm Stock Video
  • Womanwalkingbyseashore
    Beach Silhouette Stock Video
  • Themoon_008
    Moon - Night scene, Black and White
  • Tablet_02
  • Yellowrice___blackbeansoup
    Yellow Rice & Black Bean Soup
  • Foggymornwalkingthedog
    Foggy Morning - Couple Walking Dog
  • 1_sunrise
    Beautiful Golden Sunrise Over Water
  • Tampaportauthoritycruiser
    Time Lapse of Cruise Ship Leaving Water Port Authority
  • Basel_wettstein_bridge
    Bridge and Ferris Wheel
  • Untitled
    Two really, really ugly birds
  • Mvi_7441
    Free airplane wing HD stock video
  • Mvi_1231
    ducks in water
  • Cumulus_clouds_720
    Cumulus Clouds Time Lapse (Free to Use HD Stock Video)
  • Mvi_0205_cut
    Longboarding Panorama Bikeway
  • Lightcominginthurcloudsblkandwhite
    Morning sunlight breaking through the clouds
  • Cloud_11
    Sunny Cloud Time Lapse HD Stock Video
  • Bird_having_breakfast
    Bird hunting for breakfast at the beach shore
  • Dsc_2502
    Make UP tool
  • 02_beach_scene_before_sunset
    Beach scene at sunset
  • 01_birds_over_ocean
    Birds flying over ocean
  • Mvi_8885
    In the Washington State forest
  • Virescence
  • Sequenza_01
  • 1_sunset
    Birds and Sunset Stock Video 1
  • 12_pelicans_gliding_over_water_surface
    12 Pelicans Gliding over Water Stock Video
  • Hdv_1540
    Beautiful Sunset Stock Video Over Zoomed in Skyline
  • 00054
    Colorful Fountain at night
  • Snake_coil
    Close Up of a Snake Stock Video in HD
  • Neusiedlersee_stockfootage
    Birds at Lake Neusiedl
  • 3-boats-together
    boats leaving the marina
  • Heron_grooming_himself_early_morning
    Night Heron grooming herself early in the morning
  • Lagarto_watching_me
    Lizard watching me instead of the many insects around him
  • Greenbird
    Green Bird on bench
  • The_colors_of_florida_1
    Colors of Florida 2
  • Secret_lk_pk__casselb_(9)
    Bike rider
  • Hollywood_dolby_theatre_night
    Hollywood Dolby Theatre Night
  • Motion_halloween_woods1
    Scary Halloween Walk Through the Woods
  • Clipcanvas_14348_h264_320x180
    Seaweed and Water Stock Video
  • Spooky_clouds_2
    Black and White footage - SPOOKY Clouds 2
  • Clouds_black_and_white
    Black and White footage - Clouds, the calm before the storm
  • Orl_to_tampa__one_minute
    Orlando to Tampa, in a minute & 18 seconds
  • Tampa_skyline
    Tampa Skyline Stock Video Clip
  • Father_teaching_daughter_to_feed_the_animals
    Father and Daughter Feeding the Animals
  • Another_sailboat
    Another Sailboat on the Water Video
  • Blue_moon
    Blue Moon Stock Video
  • Testing_the_train_
    Waiting for Train to Pass Stock Video Clip
  • Brown_ducks_playing_tag
    Brown Ducks Playing Tag HD Stock Video
  • 1_butterfly
    Butterfly HD Stock Video
  • Mvi_0212
    The sky has fallen into the water
  • Mvi_1272
    Dawn at Bay
  • New_project_3-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Elephant Leaves
  • 8
    Ocean Beach
  • 10
    Walking Across The Golden Gate Bridge
  • 12
    Sunset Over Golden Gate Bridge
  • Comp_1_11-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Family at the Beach
  • Park01
    Person walking away from camera in Park
  • People
    Old man talking in the park
  • Mantis_-_sin_city_green-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Praying Mantis - Sin City Green Effect
  • Bee_dream-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Bee On Flower - Dream Effect
  • Metro
  • Pont
    wooden bridge
  • Weird_looking_tree
    Weird looking tree
  • Doormist
    Fog Entering from Under Door
  • 100_0040
    Vista House
  • Xplosion
  • Mvi_2919
    São Paulo Stock Video
  • 100_0002
    Walking on a Path through the trees stock video
  • 100_0001
    Path 1 Stock Video
  • Tallulah_gorge-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Tallulah Gorge
  • Timelapse
    Sunset nature Time Lapse
  • Ve_003
    White Flower Dark Green Background
  • Fruit_1
    Fruits and Vegetables
  • Horses_in_north_georgia_river-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Horseback Riding In River
  • Ve_002
    Beach Rocks & Clear Blue Ocean
  • Georgia_mountain_ride-hd_720p_video_sharing
    Georgia Mountain Ride
  • 100_0104
    Multnomah Falls 5
  • 100_0102
    Multnomah Falls 4
  • Train_coming_around_the_corner
    DBD | Train Rounding a Corner
  • Sequence_01
    Soft Ocean Waves
  • 100_0097
    Multnomah Falls 2
  • 100_0099
    Multnomah Falls 3
  • Filmscratches
    Old Vintage Film Scratches
  • Great_208_20mm_20vintage_20look_20overlay_20effect_2001_20-_20free_20footage_20-_20full_20hd_201080p_20_saveyoutube.com_
    8 mm vintage look
  • Church_steeple_and_clouds
    Church Steeple Against Clouds
  • 100_0095
  • 100_0127
    River Bank
  • Night
    night sky timelapse
  • Nature_1
    Nature Cricket
  • Mah02818
    Burning Candle
  • Birdsandfeeder
    Birds and Feeder HD Stock Video
  • Bye_bye
    New York City Buildings
  • 02
    St. Petersburg
  • 100_0126
    Columbia River 1
  • Central_park
    Central Park in New York City
  • Seagul
    Seagull Flying in Blue Sky
  • Time_2
    Nubes Time Lapse
  • Time_5
    Luna Time
  • Cameralens
    Camera Lens Servo
  • Rain_window_final
    Rain Drops Hitting a Car Window
  • Mvi_4015
    Rain Drops Hitting a Car Wing Mirror
  • Gate_color
    Rain Drops On an Old Wooden Gate
  • Floor_final
    Rain Drops Hitting a Stone Brick Floor
  • Gopr2348
    Mekong River Boat
  • Grey_203d_20flourish_20background_20loop_20hd_20_saveyoutube.com_
    3D Flourish background loop (HD)
  • Fireworks_stock_video_2
    Fireworks Stock Video in HD (2)
  • Nyc-subway
    New York City Subway Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-skyline
    New York City Skyline Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-liberty
    Statue of Liberty Stock Video in HD
  • Nyc-30rock
    New York City Stock Video in HD
  • France-iffel
    Eiffel Tower Stock Video in HD
  • France-arc
    Arc de Triumph Stock Video in HD
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Stock Video in HD
  • Cali-lugunahotel
    Beach Hotel Stock Video in HD
  • Water_dripping
    Water Dripping Stock Video in HD
  • Typing2
    HD Typing Stock Video Two
  • Http-youtube
    Free Youtube Url Address Stock Video Clip in HD
  • Http-facebook
    Free Facebook URL Address Stock Video in HD
  • Industrysmokefire
    Urban Industry Smoke Fire
  • Record
    Turntable Video
  • Cddrive
    CD Drive DVD Writer Blinking Red Light
  • Squirrel
  • Coloring
    Child Coloring HD Video Clip
  • Projector
    Movie Projector Effect
  • Stream
  • Volume2
    Volume 2
  • Roadtrip
    Roadtrip Abstract Stock Video
  • Frontier
    Free Stadium and Clouds Time Lapse Stock Video in HD
  • Traffictimelapse
    Free Traffic Time Lapse Stock Video in HD
  • Throughthereeds
    Through The Reeds Water Stock Video in HD
  • Sleepingbee
    Sleeping Bee Stock Video in High Definition
  • Windowblinds
    Free HD Window Blinds Stock Video
  • 2d9df410599e11e6bcc469090938fc7e
    Free Projector Stock Video in High Definition
  • Lightbulb
    Light Bulb Stock Video Two in High Definition
  • Fire
    Free Fire Stock Video in HD
  • Ethernet
    Free Ethernet Stock Video in HD
  • Clothespin
    Free Clothes Pin Stock Video in HD
  • Closefallstimelapse
    Free HD Close Water Fall Time Lapse Stock Video
  • Chipmunk
    Chipmunk Stock Video in HD
  • Cemetaryflag
    Cemetary Flag Stock Video in HD
  • Birdsonthepost
    Birds On The Post Stock Video in HD
  • Analogstatic
    Analog Static Stock Video in HD
  • Logsinthewater
    HD Logs In The Water Stock Video
  • Lakeontariohdr
    Time-Lapse of Clouds over Lake Ontario HDR
  • Fallpathway
    Fall Pathway Stock Video in HD
  • Leaf
    HD Leaf and Stream Stock Video
  • Filmstrip
    HD Film Strip Stock Video
  • Fallleaves
    Stock video of autumn leaves blowing in the wind
  • Fallbranch
    Fall Leaves Stock Video in HD
  • Dewdroprodeo
    HD Footage: Dew Drop on Blade of Grass Stock Video
  • Fallcemetary
    HD Fall Cemetery Stock Video
  • Angelofpeace
    Angel of Peace Statue Stock Video in HD
  • Digitalclock
    HD Digital Clock Stock Video
  • Beachandshell
    HD Beach and Shell Stock Video
  • Guitar-wide
    Acoustic Guitar Player in Studio
  • Plants_watershot
    Plants and Water Reflection Stock Video in HD
  • Plants_close2
    HD Autumn Plants Stock Video
  • Plants_close
    Free Plants and Chains Stock Video in HD
  • Mvi_0778
    HD Smoky Atmosphere Stock Video
  • Moon_and_clouds_2
    Full Moon and Clouds Time Lapse 2
  • City_street_time_lapse__saveyoutube.com_
    City Street Time Lapse Stock Video
  • City_skyline_(time_lapse)__saveyoutube.com_
    City Skyline Time Lapse Stock Video in HD
  • Close_up_of_lake__saveyoutube.com_
    Close Up Of Lake Stock Video in HD
  • Clouds_(time_lapse)__saveyoutube.com_
    Clouds Time Lapse Stock Video in HD
  • Alcatraz__saveyoutube.com_
    Alcatraz Stock Video in HD
  • San_francisco_bay_bridge__saveyoutube_com_
    San Francisco Bay Bridge Stock Video in HD
  • Black_boat__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Black Boat Stock Video in HD
  • Cable_car__saveyoutube.com_
    Cable Car Stock Video in HD
  • Dolores_park__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Skyline View Stock Video filmed in HD
  • Coit_tower__saveyoutube.com_
    Coit Tower City Scape Stock Video in HD
  • Couple_holding_hands__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Couple Holding Hands Stock Video in HD
  • Duck_on_a_lake__saveyoutube.com_
    Duck on a Lake Stock Video in HD
  • Golden_gate_bridge__saveyoutube_com_
    Golden Gate Bridge Stock Video in HD
  • Lombard_street_(the_crookedest_street)__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Lombard Street Stock Video in HD
  • Purple_flowers__saveyoutube.com_
    Purple Flowers Stock Video In HD
  • Cars_driving_at_night__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Cars Driving At Night Stock Video in HD
  • Orange_flowers__saveyoutube.com_
    Poppy Flowers Stock Video in HD
  • Paddle_boat_on_lake__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Paddle Boat on Lake Stock Video in HD
  • San_francisco_townhouses__saveyoutube_com_
    San Francisco Townhouses Stock Video in HD
  • Pink_flower_close_up__saveyoutube.com_
    Pink Flower Close Up Stock Video in HD
  • Violet_flowers__saveyoutube.com_
    Violet Flowers
  • Public_transportation__saveyoutube.com_
    Public Transportation
  • Coffeecup
    Coffee Cup Stock Video in High Definition
  • Red_flowers
    Red Flowers
  • Man_on_rowboat__saveyoutube.com_
    Man in a Rowboat
  • Street_traffic__saveyoutube_com_
    Street Traffic in San Francisco
  • Clouds_at_sunset_(time_lapse)__saveyoutube.com_
    Clouds At Sunset
  • City_at_night__saveyoutube.com_
    City At Night
  • American_flag__saveyoutube.com_
    Free HD Stock Video Footage of American Flag
  • Sf145
    Hindenburg Disaster Stock Video
  • Snow
    Snow Fall Stock Video HD
  • Timelapse03_hd
    HD Buildings and Clouds Time Lapse Stock Video
  • Motorcycle_racing_22
    Motorcross Racing in Slow Motion
  • Dewdrops
    Dew Drops on a Blade of Grass
  • 1930s_los_angeles_long_beach_floods
    Free HD Archive Footage circa 1938-39 of Los Angeles/Long Beach Floods