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Rain Drops Hitting a Car Window

Raindrops hitting a car window, leaving trails of water all the way down it.

From the film Rain -
Onlight Media -

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Rain Drops Hitting a Car Window

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  1. Steam_id

    That's massively helpful, Shawn, thankyou very much, I'll get to replacing them as soon as I can. Watch this space :)

  2. Shawnrubel

    Hey Frazer, you can actually modify your files. It's not the smoothest process yet but we're still working on it so please bear with us :) To go your settings then scroll down and click on the "Shared Files" link and there you will see a list of all the clips you have shared with an "edit" button beside each. The "Delete" button is also on the "edit" page incase you want to remove your video from the site.

  3. Steam_id

    Hi there, like the description says, they are from a short film I produced on Vimeo, these are colour corrected files from After Effects. Once this website allows me to delete and modify the files I upload I'll delete these and upload some longer ones!

    Thanks very much for your feedback, it means a lot to me, especially for me still starting out!

  4. Beyou

    Frazer, make them longer chico! These are really good.