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  • Sad Parents Comfort Each other
  • Parents Receive Bad News about Baby Girl
  • Baby Girl Plays With Annoyed Mother's Necklace
  • Upset Mother Cries while Holding Her Baby Girl
  • Baby Girl Plays with Mother's Necklace
  • Dad and Mom Interacting with Baby Studio Clip
  • Father Comforts a Sad Mother
  • Mother Holds Baby Girl In the Air to Make Her Smile
  • Mother and Baby Girl Laughing and Playing Together
  • Baby Girl Plays with Mother's Necklace
  • Baby Girl Plays with her Mother's Necklace
  • Mother and Baby Smile for the Camera
  • Mother talks to her Baby Girl
  • Mother Holds Baby Girl up to Play
  • Grumpy Baby with A Pacifier
  • Crying Mother Cheered up by Baby Girl
  • Mom, Dad, and Baby Girl Family Portrait
  • Mother Tries to Get Baby Girl to Smile at Camera