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  • White and pink balloons for Valentine's Day Party | Free Stock Footage
  • Hands making valentines at Valentine's Day party | Free Stock Footage
  • Overhead shot of woman making funny valentine card for Valentine's Day | Free Stock Footage
  • Several little metal balls falling and bouncing on white surface finnaly all balls leave the scene in 4K
  • Pattern of bubbles moving fast from lower to upper section of the scene, then all bubbles disappear in 4K
  • Free hand drawing
  • Free beautiful animated video-card
  • Paper airplanes
  • Daisy Love Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Flower Love Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Overhead shot of hands making Valentine's Day cards | Free Stock Footage
  • Pink Flower Stop Motion
  • Red Rose Stop Motion
  • Rose Stop Motion
  • White Flower Stop Motion