Sam Kirby

We are a video production and advertising company based out of Bowling Green, KY. One of the main focuses of our mission is to make quality video production available at affordable rates, and what better way to do that than by making that available to you here! We hope you can make some great use of the clips we provide and we'd love to see what you can make from them!

  • Vertigo-alley
    Vertigo Alley
  • Under-the-bridge
    Under The bridge
  • Trees-up-above
    Trees up above
  • Through-the-stream
    Through the Stream
  • The-alley
    The Alley
  • The-brick-buildings
    The brick buildings
  • Peeling-cat-1
    Peeling Cat 1
  • From-behind-the-broken-wall
    From Behind the broken wall
  • Over-the-town
    Over the town
  • Peeling-cat-2
    Peeling Cat 2
  • Dried-up-stream
    Dried up Stream
  • Up-the-gears
    Up the gears
  • Flowers-dancing-in-the-wind
    Flowers dancing in the wind
  • Perpendicular-beams
    Perpendicular beams
  • Approaching-the-bridge
    Approaching the bridge.
  • The-road-on-the-hill
    The road on the hill
  • The-statue-part-2
    The Statue Part 2
  • Spinning-fan
    Spinning Fan
  • The-statue-part-3
    The Statue Part 3
  • The-statue-part-1
    The Statue Part 1
  • The-moving-tree
    The Moving Tree
  • The-stop-sign
    The stop sign
  • Stadium
  • Texas-culture
    Texas Culture
  • City-life
    City Life
  • Love-in-the-air
    Love in the Air
  • Cross-walk
    Cross Walk
  • Resting
    Resting on park bench
  • Just-keep-swimming
    Just Keep Swimming
  • Gallery-art
    Gallery Art
  • Worker-in-the-garden
    Worker In the Garden
  • Relaxing-with-nature
    Relaxing with Nature
  • Construction-equipment
    Construction Equipment
  • Mural-painters
    Mural Painters
  • Pay-phone
    Pay Phone
  • Statues-in-texas
    Statues in Texas
  • Vibrant-flower
    Vibrant Flower
  • Basketball
    Basketball pick-up game
  • Walking-the-trail
    Walking the Trail
  • Scooter-trick
    Scooter Trick
  • Construction-zone
    Construction Zone
  • Speed-limits
    Speed Limits
  • Alamo-statue
    Alamo Statue
  • A-row-of-school-buses
    A Row of School Buses
  • City-life
    City Life
  • Government-workers
    Government Workers
  • Austin-texas-state-capital
    Austin Texas State Capital
  • Construction-cones
    Construction Cones
  • Graffiti-art
    Graffiti Art
  • Playful-youth
    Playful Youth
  • Construction
  • Government-building
    Government Building
  • Roadwork
  • Skateboarding
  • Fish-in-a-pond
    Fish in a Pond
  • Trees-on-a-cold-day
    Trees on a Cold Day
  • Girl-in-a-big-city
    Girl in a Big City
  • Texas-pride
    Texas Pride
  • State-building
    State Building
  • Beautiful-vines
    Beautiful Vines
  • Texas-pride
    Texas Pride
  • A-look-through-the-trees
    A Look Through the Trees
  • Trail-walkers
    Trail Walkers
  • Action-in-the-streets
    Action in the Streets
  • Nature-intertwined
    Nature Intertwined
  • Winter-trees
    Winter Trees
  • Vertical-trees
    Vertical Trees
  • Awesome-art-wall
    Awesome Art Wall
  • Water-fall
    Water Fall
  • Wheelbarrow
    Backyard Wheelbarrow
  • Texas-flag
    Texas Flag
  • A-view-down-the-road
    A View Down the Road
  • Naval-ship-in-the-harbor
    Naval Ship in the Harbor
  • Under-the-brooklyn-bridge
    Under the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Chinatown-near-dusk
    Chinatown Near Dusk
  • College-girl-checks-phone
    College Girl Checks Phone
  • Ice-skating-in-central-park
    Ice Skating in Central Park
  • Icthus-reflection
    Icthus Reflection
  • Brooklyn-bridge-on-the-water
    Brooklyn Bridge on the Water
  • Brooklyn-bridge-and-traffic
    Brooklyn Bridge and Traffic
  • Dark-subway-cars
    Dark Subway Cars
  • Bubbles-in-central-park
    Bubbles in Central Park
  • Taxis-and-buses
    Taxis and Buses
  • New-jersey-across-the-bay
    New Jersey Across the Bay
  • Busy-times-square-sidewalk
    Busy Times Square Sidewalk
  • Construction-and-steam
    Construction and Steam
  • Jogger-in-central-park
    Jogger in Central Park
  • Central-park-open-field
    Central Park Open Field
  • Power-lines-and-grey-skies
    Power Lines and Grey Skies
  • Puddle-reflections
    Puddle Reflections
  • Noble-seagul
    Noble Seagul
  • Statue-of-liberty-and-motion
    Statue of Liberty and Motion
  • Times-square
    Times Square
  • Tourists-and-the-big-city
    Tourists and the Big City
  • Statue-of-liberty-with-boat
    Statue of Liberty with Boat Stock Video
  • Sunset-over-the-bay
    Sunset Over the Bay
  • Central-park-in-the-fall
    Central Park in the Fall
  • Brush-at-sunset
    Brush at Sunset
  • Christmas-tree-light-bokeh
    Christmas Tree Light Bokeh

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