I'm an amateur musician who listens to almost all kinds of music.

To be honest, I'm not rich, and I don't have the means in any way to buy expensive services or expensive video footages to create awesome videos for my songs. So my hope is to find generous video artists who would agree I could use their awesome video footages for free, and in return,
I would give them credit for the video footages and their awesome video footages would be promoted every time
someone would play one of my awesome future music videos :)

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  • 1_sunrise
    Beautiful Golden Sunrise Over Water
  • Indrocksbeachsunset
    Sunset Time Lapse at Beach
  • Final
    Route de Pillon Scenic Road Stock Video
  • 1_sunset
    Birds and Sunset Stock Video 1
  • Timelapse
    Sunset nature Time Lapse
  • Dockhdr
    River Dock HDR Time Lapse (High Dynamic Range)