Grahame Waghorn

I've posted a couple of videos here. Please let me know if you use them.

I'm an Indie songwriter and musician. I write alt pop/rock songs and record them using my bass, guitars, keyboards and drums. They're available from streaming and download services such as as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Tidal and Deezer. They're also available FREE from

I've made several music videos. My last featured video clips from Videezy - Others are on my YouTube channel and also under my band name "Waghorn & Taylor"

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  • Vinyl-disc
    Vinyl Disc
  • Drums
  • Beautiful-smoke-swirls-with-blurred-and-focused-effect-with-dark-background-in-4k
    Beautiful smoke swirls with blurred and focused effect with dark background in 4K
  • Thin-column-of-white-smoke-spinning-in-vertical-axis-on-black-background-in-4k
    Thin column of white smoke spinning in vertical axis on black background in 4K
  • Dense-smoke-creating-white-clouds-with-swirls-and-spirals-on-darkness-in-4k
    Dense smoke creating white clouds with swirls and spirals on darkness in 4K
  • Long-shot-of-skycrapers-of-los-angeles-with-smog-in-foreground-in-4k
    Long shot of skycrapers of Los Angeles with smog in foreground in 4K
  • Spectacular-fireball-burning-and-floating-in-darkness-in-4k
    Spectacular fireball burning and floating in darkness in 4K
  • Rising-above-the-clouds
    Rising Above the Clouds
  • Silky-blue-4k-motion-background-loop
    Silky Blue 4K Motion Background Loop
  • Glacier_waterfall
    Alaska Waterfall Crashes Into Icy Waters 4K
  • Vintage_record_player
    Vintage Record Player Free Stock Footage
  • Tampa_traffic__1_
    Tampa Traffic Jam Stock Video
  • Stairwell
    Stumbling Down a Stairwell Stock Video
  • Doormist
    Fog Entering from Under Door