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A Working Stay at Home MOM
is where I share links, resources, and inspirational pick me ups as you follow me on my path to becoming a mom who works from home. Watch the dream unfold

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I am on a mission to free parents from the rat race so valuable life moments are not missed but rather LIVED TO THE FULLEST.
I am looking to form a TEAM TogetherExcellingAboveMediocrity made up of a techncial guru, social media marvel, and a few others to take Share Marketing Viral. That is just for starters........

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  • Macro_view_of_spider_web
    Macro View of a Spider Web Royalty Free Video
  • Waves_on_the_beach
    Waves on the Beach Free HD Video
  • 17154048
    Gentle waves crashing on a rocky beach
  • Thailand
    Thailand Sea Stock Video
  • Tigersounds
    Tiger Stock Video - turn down the volume
  • Youlionabouttojump
    Lion Stock Video about to jump me
  • 1_sunrise
    Beautiful Golden Sunrise Over Water
  • 02_beach_scene_before_sunset
    Sunset Scene at Beach
  • Cumulus_clouds_720
    Cumulus Clouds Time Lapse (Free to Use HD Stock Video)
  • 1_sunset
    Birds and Sunset Stock Video 1
  • Spooky_clouds_2
    Black and White footage - SPOOKY Clouds 2
  • Large_cumulus_clouds
    Large Cumulus Clouds Video
  • 1_water_lillies
    Water Lilies - and I think an alligator checking me out.
  • Mvi_1272
    Dawn at Bay
  • 8
    Ocean Beach
  • Ve_002
    Beach Rocks & Clear Blue Ocean
  • Fish3
    Goldfish in a Wine Glass
  • Bokeh2
    Free Bokeh Light Beams HD Video Clip
  • Free_urban_grunge_background
    Free Urban Grunge HD Background Video
  • Waterdrop
    Water Drop Stock Video in HD
  • Plants_watershot2
    Free Water and Plants Stock Video in HD
  • Water_flowing_from_fountain__saveyoutube.com_
    Water Fountain Stock Video filmed in HD Free
  • Traffic_on_bridge_at_night__saveyoutube_com_
    Traffic On Bridge At Night Stock Video in HD
  • Lombard_street_(the_crookedest_street)__saveyoutube.com_
    Free Lombard Street Stock Video in HD
  • Birds_at_a_dock__saveyoutube.com_
    Birds on the Shore Stock Video in HD
  • Orange_flowers__saveyoutube.com_
    Poppy Flowers Stock Video in HD
  • Red_flowers
    Red Flowers