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  • Waxing crescent moon moving from top to bottom of the scene and disappearing in dark night in 4K
  • Red paint moving from the top of the scene creating an organic texture with circled shapes in 4K
  • Bokeh lights on the top side of the scene of vehicles circulating slowly on the street in 4K
  • Traveling shot top view of needle and vinyl disc spinning, first from left to right then down to up in 4K
  • Medium panning shot top view from left to right of classic record player with vinyl disc spinning on turntable in 4K
  • Aerial View of Mountain Peaks Free HD Stock Video
  • Courtyard-View of Rockefeller Building 4K
  • Rockefeller Building with the Atlas Statue 4K
  • Catholic Cathedral in New York City 4K
  • Empire State Building of New York City 4K
  • Mountains Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • number formed with mechanic nuts
  • sticky notes with numbers
  • Rooftop in Matera Italy
  • Hand takes hat
  • White Teetotum
  • Architecture in Matera Italy
  • Green Beans and Ham Cooking on the Stove Stock Video - Gopro
  • Wind blowing on tents and palms 4K stock video
  • Close up shot of tents 4K stock video
  • Mountain Scenery Royalty Free Footage
  • Aerial View of Mountain Peaks Free Stock Footage
  • Spectacular nocturnal timelapse of New York City from skyscraper in 2K
  • Cookies And Coffee Picture
  • Little Fabric Gloves