Videezy Launches!

Videezy Today I'm excited to announce the official launch of our 3rd site to the Eezy network! Videezy is a community for video editors to download high quality free HD stock video footage quickly and easily. It is also a place to share your free cutaways, b-roll, backgrounds, effects, motion graphics, and any other types of HD clips you would like others to use. We're excited to branch into this new area of digital media that has become so important over the years. As HD video cameras continue to evolve and video editing software becomes more affordable and more accessible, the stock video industry is quickly on the rise. We've found that finding affordable stock footage can be difficult. Sometimes you just don't want to pay $80 or more for a 10 second clip of the sunset or something similar you would use for a cutaway shot or b-roll. We've made Videezy REALLY simple to use so you can find the perfect clip and download it immediately! The site is still a little rough around the edges, but we're working on cleaning it up. If you see any bugs, or have any suggestions as to how we can improve, please let us know!

About the Author

Hi! My name is Shawn Rubel and started Eezy Inc. a few years ago. What started as a hobby has now turned into a full time job and I absolutely love what I do :) You can catch me on twitter or just leave me a message below!


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  2. Hey Henry. I recommend Adobe Premiere but if you're just getting into editing as a hobby and you don't have a budget Adobe may be a little pricey. There are many free video editing programs available and here is a quick video that shows 3 you may consider.

  3. Thanks Rubel. But am just a novice here and have got passion for making short video intros and don't know where to start from. i needed directions on choosing a nice video editing software to make nice intros

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    BTW, thank you for this wonderful service. I love it.

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    The small waterfall will not download, although it says in my profile that I have downloaded it. Please help. Thank you.

  6. _mg_3359

    I can't upload any videos, why? Always see some page error report. I used to try fw web browsers, same results...

  7. Hey Shawn thank you for such a great service. I am completely new to video work and have just started a YouTube channel. Trying to improve the quality of my intro and trailers for my channel would have cost me way to much given i am at the start of my journey. Videezy had made it possible to improve my channel in the hope that people will now subscribe. Thanks again jf

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    thank you so much shawn for this! joined few days ago. i do short clips for family and friends from my photo collection and just by adding one or two video clips from your contributing members did wonders! it's like icing on the cake. thank you so much. i hope to be able to contribute too soon :)

  9. Image

    like quite a few before me, I am not able to get any of the videos to play so that I can view them. Download button non functioning..
    real shame

  10. Missing

    Sort-of workaround to non-functional "Download" button - I was able to download a low-resolution video (629 x 354, good enough for my uses) by right-clicking the video itself (while it's playing) and choosing "Save video as...". That resulted in a small mp4 file that opens OK under Windows 8, using Windows Media Player. I don't need HD anyway so that works alright for me. Hope that helps someone.

  11. Sm

    hi, shawn ... many thanx ... i too decided to leave corporate life and now do what i really love ... teach. did not have the courage till 2 years ago. i sure can use your stuff. funny ... lived in ottawa for 15 years, now in malaysia and was a leaf fan when the swede b. salming was da'man. cheers mate

  12. hi, great idea just what i needed, just need help with doing a 2 minute video series and need clips to last two minutes so while I talk (I dont want to be a talking head) i wanted stuff for people to look at as they listen

  13. Image

    Hello everyone I am a composer producer in music if anyone needs EDM tracks of some sort please contact me I would be happy to colaberate with you guys I'm a music person thanks I have posted a new track that will be coming out in 2015 and used a footage from this site . Check out my Facebook video mikeabatzidis ciao for now

  14. Image

    Hi there I used a video clip on a song of mine I have me wanted to get in contact with the owner of the video how can you help me . I wanted to ask them few question the film was made by Andy Lloyd snow boarding . Much help thanks Mike Abatzidis

  15. Image

    Hi Shawn, love the site!!

  16. Missing


    I have windows 7 and when I clicked 'download' nothing happened UNLESS I downloaded clips while they are playing. For some reason, for me this worked.

    Hopefully it will work if your downloads are a bust. Good luck! These clips kick azz!!!!

  17. Missing

    Hi Shawn, Hope you can fill me in- can't seem to download after I registered. Yr help appreciated. Sounds like others are having the same thing happen....

  18. HI Shawn ... awesome site ... the answer to my prayers ... i will be uploading my contributions soon ... mostly sea, boat, countryside, farm animals and wild life as I live on the isle of wight ... Once again THANKS .... Allan James

  19. Tn_desert

    Hi Shawn ! I just discovered your site today and it's awesome !

    I'm an amateur musician, not rich, so now thanks to your awesome site and the awesome videezy videos artists, I could make my dreams come true about doing awesome music videos for my songs !

    Thumbs up ! :)


  20. Missing

    Me too. Download button doesn't do anything. Wassup?

  21. Unnamed

    Hi Shawn, Love the site, but I can't download anything. I click on the download button and nothing happens. Can you help?

  22. 10277231_1481396132077036_564374900390814301_a
  23. Missing

    It would be *really* useful if you could browse or sort videos by license. I hate looking at thumbnails, deciding which I like best, only to find out the license is not compatible with my project.

    Or at least display the license underneath the thumbnails, along with basic info, like uploader's name, length of video, video resolution and framerate.

  24. Missing

    Hi Shawn. This is a great initiative by you. There is one query though! ... I have used one of the video clips (posted in travel section- "Route de Pillon Scenic Road Stock Video - Submitted by PHS1963) in my advertisement and would like to know if there are any limitations to the free use of that video. Pl. let me know so that i can abide by that.....Thx again

  25. Beyou

    Shawn, are you guys still accepting files?

  26. Videezy_pic3.001

    I was doing a wedding video/dvd for my son and his bride-to-be and was looking for a video clip of old 8mm film so I could impose the "home movies" inscription on it and then introduce the section of older pics when the kids were younglings. This is how I came upon Videezy and after looking around, I must say I'm very impressed. Well done all!

  27. Missing

    Found this it...will use it soon...Thought it might be cool if you added a requests page where for instance someone could write that they need new stock footage of a bridge in this town/city/country...that way we can get useful footage from around the world without having to travel then apply it with greenscreen etc. great site. thanks.

  28. Ash1

    just joined - I'm just starting my srvice in creating short video - photo films. Hope to share some in the nearest future :)

  29. Img_0313_new_2

    Hi man, I've just joined today! Goin to make some vids for my music using only this website, mal.

  30. 1

    so cool!

  31. Missing

    hi, zbreeze, I have the same problem. If you know figured out what is causing this not to work properly, could you please share that with me?
    Lots of thanks!

  32. Missing

    I am not able to get any of the videos to play so that I can view them. Is a special viewing software required? I have no idea what is wrong. Can you make some suggestions on ways I can fix this? Thanks!

  33. Logo_works_copy

    Great site thank you, I sure enjoy editing and your clips are great.

  34. Its incredible how we can find great quality and HD videos here. Its a noble project by the people behind this site. Thanks. God Bless.

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  36. 400243_491576950863268_485888294_n

    Was passing through and found this site, very cool! its gonna be very helpful in helping my journey in film. Thanks

  37. 265770_10151077462634930_1515853882_o

    Hi Shawn,
    I don't know what the problem is but I can never upload any footage to the site?? It goes thru the whole upload process and then says an error has occurred. I've put a short clip in my drop box, any chance you could upload it for me??

  38. 265770_10151077462634930_1515853882_o

    Hey Shawn, I invited you to my drop box about a week ago to see if you can figure out how to upload the footage you emailed me about. Did you manage to take a look? No worries if it's not up to scratch, I'm very new to this.
    LOVE your site! Cheers, Kim

  39. Allie_breezeway

    Yeah... thought about that ... gotcha.

  40. Shawnrubel

    Yes, I did see one clip you uploaded and unfortunately it wasn't really what we would consider "Stock Footage" since it was edited together and cut to music, had text etc.

  41. Allie_breezeway


    Uploaded a clip a couple of days ago and it doesn't show up on my page. Uploaded it again yesterday and still not there. Is there a problem with the clip? Just curious.

    Love the site. I'm sure as it grows it will become very helpful. Would be cool to have a "request" page. Where someone could request a certain shot, like "foot traffic in Atlanta" or a "Family at the beach". Ironically...


  42. this is very useful for graphic artists .......thanks man

  43. Thank you man, very useful site

  44. Missing

    THANK you for this! Good Luck!

  45. ?height=50&width=50

    I've always work with video and 3D so, I would like to find audio, video transitions and 3D animations in this new website, also I think you should share more video styles for example: Videos for music, rap videos, rock videos, fashion videos, sci-fi videos, etc., another thing will be the categories on music like, hip-hop, electronic music, dub step, etc., well let me know if I can help you with some other stuff

    Good Luck!

  46. Daredevil

    Can't wait to see whats next!
    Best of Luck guys!

  47. Your facebook ads definitely work :)

  48. Fb6

    Discovered the site and Joined immediately! Thanks very much!

  49. Missing

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

  50. Avatar_80

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and thank you! Efforts likes yours are what the Internet SHOULD be about. I, too, do not have anything to share—yet. But, it's my goal to buy a good video cam soon, so I'll be contributing! And a big thank you to everyone who contributes.

  51. Missing

    This is a wonderful idea, thank you ! Does anyone have any slow motion clips to share ? Perhaps people walking, dogs running, and so forth ? Thank you.

  52. Shawnrubel

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!

  53. Icit%20logo%20hr

    A very cool idea. I don't have anything to share at this moment, but give me a little time and I'll be uploading. I'm in San Diego and have lots of beautiful places around here for good video. Most of my stock video was done in I'll need a little time to switch over to HD. But thanks for the footage and I'll give back.

  54. Beyou

    And THANK YOU for starting this Shawn! Count on me to help with this effort. It was about time someone did it. MIL GRACIAS!!!

  55. 319715_10150635849802831_1477291024_n

    Thank you Shawn Rubel!!!

  56. 1

    Believe me,
    This is a good step to serve humanity

  57. THANK you for this! I can't believe that there are people as generous as you guys are! Thank you!

  58. Shawnrubel

    Thank you so much!

  59. Missing

    You guys are rock, Cheers :)