Virgin Atlantic 747 Airplane Landing in Las Vegas

Posted in Transportation

Virgin Atlantic 747 landing on the runway at McCarrin International Airport in Las Vegas, NV.


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  1. Hello dragonfilmstudios,
    this is just to say a very big THANK YOU to all the great support I got from the donators of the videos incorporated into my latest music video for The Flame (band).
    The contributors are all named at the end in the credits:
    Mark Bayliss

  2. Hi dragonfilmstudios, I am making a music video for a local band (in Germany).
    They have no budget, so I am doing this in friendship.
    I like your videos and have included some in the beta version of the new video.
    May I have your permission to use them in the final version? I will of course gratefully include you and your URL in the credits if you want.
    Please see my Youtube Channel for my normal (engineering concepts) work:
    or email me at:
    and I will send you a copy of an excerpt of the beta version.

  3. Lens%201

    Looks nice, wish it was a bet more steady of a pan though.. but nice job!