Brandon Kensington

Hi my name is Brandon. I love tinkering with my EOS 7D and shooting and editing awesome videos. I also enjoy sharing free clips and seeing others use them in their videos. If you use any of the clips I have submitted, please post them online and send me the link!

  • Edison_s_workshop_and_complex_free_stock_footage
    Edison’s Workshop and Complex Free Stock Footage
  • Marsh_billings_rockefeller_historical_park_free_video
    Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Historical Park Free Video
  • Ellis_island_free_footage
    Ellis Island Free Footage
  • National_park_history_free_stock_footage
    National Park History Free Stock Footage
  • American_national_park_service_free_stock_footage
    American National Park Service Free Stock Footage
  • Park_ranger_in_the_winter_free_footage
    Park Ranger in the Winter Free Footage
  • Ranger_riding_his_snowmobile_free_stock_footage
    Ranger Riding his Snowmobile Free Stock Footage
  • Man_on_skis_royalty_free_stock_video
    Man on Skis Royalty Free Stock Video
  • Yellowstone_rangers_and_wildlife_free_video
    Yellowstone Rangers and Wildlife Free Video
  • Skier_meets_an_obstacle_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Skier Meets an Obstacle Royalty Free Stock Footage
  • Tourists_at_the_independence_national_historical_park_free_stock_video
    Tourists at the Independence National Historical Park Free Stock Video
  • Ranger_clearing_obstruction_free_stock_footage
    Ranger Clearing Obstruction Free Stock Footage
  • Tourists_hiking_in_the_forest_free_footage
    Tourists Hiking in the Forest Free Footage
  • People_visiting_shenandoah_national_park_free_stock_footage
    People Visiting Shenandoah National Park Free Stock Footage
  • Vietnam_veterans_memorial_time_lapse_royalty_free_stock_video
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Time Lapse Royalty Free Stock Video
  • Tourists_camping_at_night_free_hd_video
    Tourists Camping at Night Free HD Video
  • Crowd_at_american_memorial_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Crowd at American Memorial Royalty Free Stock Footage
  • Rocky_mountain_flowers_close_up_free_footage
    Rocky Mountain Flowers Close-up Free Footage
  • Zion_national_park_overview_free_video
    Zion National Park Overview Free Video
  • Olympic_national_park_wildlife_free_footage
    Olympic National Park Wildlife Free Footage
  • Zuerich_airport_hd_stock_video
    Zuerich Airport HD Stock Video
  • Yosemite_sprint_2014_hd_stock_video
    Yosemite Sprint 2014 HD Stock Video
  • Natural_red_roses
    Natural Red Roses Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Beautiful_white_flowers
    Beautiful White Flowers Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Pink_blossom_buds
    Pink Blossom Buds HD Stock Video
  • Storm_raindrops_on_window
    Rain on a Window HD Stock Video
  • Sparkling_water
    Sparkling Water HD Stock Video
  • Helicopter_hovering
    Helicopter Hovering Stock Video
  • Seagull_closeup
    Seagull Close-up
  • Stuffed_wolf
    Stuffed Wolf Free Footage
  • Pigeon_closeup
    Pigeon Close-up Free Stock Footage
  • Beehive_closeup
    Beehive Close-up Free HD Video
  • Beehive_entrance
    Beehive Entrance Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Cat_walking
    Cat Walking Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Flying_seagull
    Flying Seagull HD Stock Video
  • Kettle_on_the_stove
    Kettle on the Stove HD Stock Video
  • Boiling_kettle
    Boiling Kettle Free Footage
  • Pouring_red_wine
    Pouring Red Wine Video | Free HD Stock Video Footage at Videezy!
  • Icecream_timelapse
    Melting Ice-cream Time-lapse Free HD Video
  • Golden_wheat_field
    Golden Wheat Field Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Night_traffic_fast_motion
    Night Traffic Fast Motion Free Footage
  • Mixing_on_sound_board
    Mixing on Sound Board HD Stock Footage
  • Old_man_fishing
    Old Man Fishing HD Stock Video
  • Flying_kite
    Flying Kite Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Slow_motion_wave
    Slow Motion Wave Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Breaking_wave_closeup
    Breaking Wave Close-up HD Stock Footage
  • Ranch_time_lapse
    Ranch Time Lapse Free Footage
  • Countryside_sky_time_lapse
    Countryside Sky Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • Buttercup_meadow
    Buttercup Meadow HD Stock Video
  • Mustard_field
    Mustard Field Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Moving_clouds
    Moving Clouds Free HD Video
  • Slow_motion_kite
    Slow Motion Kite Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Star_trails
    Star Trails Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Sparkling_ocean_waves
    Sparkling Ocean Waves HD Stock Footage
  • Heavy_storm_over_city
    Heavy Storm Over a City HD Stock Video
  • Night_sky_star_trail
    Night Sky Star Trails Free Footage
  • Time_lapse_of_lake_and_clouds
    Time Lapse of Lake and Clouds Free Stock Footage
  • Park_in_the_winter
    Park in the Winter Free HD Video
  • People_on_a_frozen_lake
    People on a Frozen Lake HD Stock Footage
  • Dark_storm_clouds
    Dark Storm Clouds Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Wild_purple_flowers
    Wild Purple Flowers Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Heavy_snow_in_the_woods
    Heavy Snow in the Woods Royalty Free Video
  • Cloudy_sunset
    Cloudy Sunset Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Beach_time_lapse
    Beach Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • Clouds_on_blue_sky
    Clouds on Blue Sky HD Stock Video
  • Mountain_lake_time_lapse
    Mountain Lake Time Lapse Free Footage
  • Mountain_peak_time_lapse
    Mountain Peak Time Lapse Free Stock Footage
  • Cloudy_sky_sunset
    Cloudy Sky Sunset HD Stock Video
  • Clouds_over_field
    Clouds Over Field Free HD Video
  • Long_grass_in_the_wind
    Long Grass in the Wind HD Stock Footage
  • Thistle_in_the_wind
    Thistle in the Wind HD Stock Video
  • Sunlit_leaves
    Sunlit Leaves Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Cornfield_close_up
    Cornfield Close-up Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Rose_bushes
    Rose Bushes Free Footage
  • Old_building_time_lapse
    Old Building Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • Plaza_time_lapse
    Plaza Time Lapse HD Stock Video
  • Shopping_mall_time_lapse
    Shopping Mall Time Lapse Free Footage
  • Street_time_lapse
    Street Time Lapse Free Stock Footage
  • Fast_motion_train_parking
    Fast Motion Train Station Free HD Video
  • Old_kids_playground
    Vintage Playground HD Stock Footage
  • Graffiti_art_on_building
    Graffiti Art on Building HD Stock Video
  • Urban_park_time_lapse
    Urban Park Time Lapse Free Footage
  • Silhouettes_in_sunset
    Silhouettes in Sunset Light Free Stock Footage
  • Moving_ferris_wheel
    Moving Ferris Wheel Free HD Video
  • Slow_motion_slam_dunk
    Slow Motion Slam Dunk HD Stock Footage
  • Artist_working
    Artist Working Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
  • Street_artist
    Street Artist Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Public_bus_los_angeles
    Public Bus in Los Angeles HD Stock Footage
  • Balloon_warming_up
    Balloon Warming Up HD Stock Video
  • Out_of_focus_lights
    Out of Focus Bokeh Lights Free Footage
  • Abstract_digital_balls
    Abstract Digital Balls Free HD Video
  • Pluto
    Pluto Royalty Free HD Stock Video
  • Star_trails_on_the_sky
    Star Trails on the Sky HD Stock Footage
  • Earth_from_space
    Earth from Space HD Stock Video
  • Sf145
    Hindenburg Disaster Stock Video
  • Redandblue
    HD Red and Blue Flag Stock Video
  • Timelapse04_hd
    Cloudy Sky Time Lapse Stock Video HD
  • Snow
    Snow Fall Stock Video HD
  • Timelapse03_hd
    HD Buildings and Clouds Time Lapse Stock Video

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